Aldi Gin Liqueurs: Aldi releases two festive liqueurs for Christmas, including a Spiced Biscuit flavour

Infusionist Gin LiqueurInfusionist Gin Liqueur
Infusionist Gin Liqueur | Infusionist Gin Liqueur

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Aldi’s Infusionist Liqueur range is renowned for it’s delightful, often nostalgic flavours - and they’ve done it again

Aldi’s popular ‘Infusionist’ range has released two new festive flavours in time for Christmas - The Infusionist Spice Biscuit Gin Liqueur and The Infusionist Salted Maple Fudge Gin Liqueur.

The pair of sweetened tipples are envisaged as being perfect to sip over the festive season.

The Infusionist Spice Biscuit Gin Liqueur is inspired by the traditional Belgian wheat flour cookie, Speculoos, a distinctively spiced biscuit, very similar in flavour profile to Biscoff. If you’re unfamiliar, think a sweet blend of cinnamon, ginger, caramel, and vanilla.

Speculoos have grown in popularity in the UK over the past year - Aldi reports that Google searches on the biscuits are up 70% this year, compared to last year.

The Infusionist Salted Maple Fudge Gin Liqueur is a dream if you’ve a hankering for something sweet - inspired by the Canadian syrup and fudge. It’s described as having “rich flavours of salted fudge, followed by indulgent notes of sweet maple.” It’s a syrupy liqueur - perfect for pouring into a hot coffee or chocolate on a cold evening to take your warming drink to the next level.

Serving suggestions

If you’re a fan of a sweeter alcoholic drink, the liqueurs can be served over ice, just as you would a Baileys for the Christmas season. Alternatively, they can be used in cocktails in place of any sweet liqueur - so you could use the Spice Biscuit Gin to replace the Kahlua in a White Russian, for a festively spiced drink.

Alternatively, the Salted Maple Fudge Gin is perfect for slipping into an Espresso Martini to turn the classic cocktail into a decadent sweet treat.

Both the Liqueurs are £8.99 for a 50cl bottle. You can buy the

The Infusionist range also features nostalgic and exotic liqueurs such as the Raspberry Jam Donughnut Gin Liqueur, Lemon Drizzle Cake Gin Liqueur, Churros Gin Liqueur, and Strawberry & Vanilla Gin Liqueur.

Aldi has also released a series of Christmas Gin Liqueurs that feature edible gold flakes if you want some literal sparkle with your tipple:

They are £13.99 for 50cl.

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