The ultimate bath edit: the best products to help you unwind in luxury when bathing

There's no need for us to offer a hard sell as to why a long, treaty bath is just what your mind and body needs

Best bath products to unwind 2021Best bath products to unwind 2021
Best bath products to unwind 2021

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Escaping for a long, hot soak – candles lit, glass of wine poured, podcast or music playing in the background, can provide temporary succour from the realities of daily life, whatever that is. And a luxurious bath, for us, calls for some excellent products.

You may love fat, foamy, child-like bubbles for cheer, or a finely scented oil that provides aroma-therapeutic balm. Maybe a colloidal oatmilk bath to soften skin appeals, or gleeful fistfuls of bath salts liberally applied to the tub in order to ease tense muscles.

Whatever your preference – whatever your day needs – we've curated the finest bath products available, to help you take a little time out from winter to utterly relax.