Best gifts for teenagers: technology to books, chocolate to activities - presents your teen actually wants

Everybody deserves a special present to unwrap on Christmas morning - but it can be tricky to know what to buy for teenagers

The best Christmas presents for teenagersThe best Christmas presents for teenagers
The best Christmas presents for teenagers

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They can be known for changing their mind about what they like at the drop of a hat, and take inspiration from social media sites like TikTok and Instagram.

It can be made even more challenging by the age range; what a 13-year-old will like can be different to what an 18-year-old will like.

But, there are some gifts that all teenagers of all ages they are bound to love no matter what - from the latest tech to personalised presents, and food to jewellery.

Below are our top 15 present ideas for teenage boys and girls.

For even more gift ideas for other members of the family, take a look at our guide to the top Christmas presents for mum and the best Christmas presents for dad.

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