Accrington boss: Wigan Athletic subs are on double our top earner

Max Power congratulates two-goal hero Charlie WykeMax Power congratulates two-goal hero Charlie Wyke
Max Power congratulates two-goal hero Charlie Wyke
John Coleman admitted his Accrington Stanley side were lucky to escape with only a 4-1 beating against rampant Wigan Athletic.

And the Stanley boss has become the latest League One figure to bring up Wigan's budget as reason for Leam Richardson's side doing so well.

"You never like getting beat, I never like getting beat," he said.

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"But what can you do when someone is better than you? And today they were

"There's no point bleating about it, they were better than us in every department, and they took their goals well.

"We've been used to defying the odds for so long, that people start to think it's the norm.

"The harsh reality of the situation...with their squad of players pitted against ours, that should be the outcome.

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"I've never been one to hide behind money, and I'm not going to start now.

"But you've got to point out the facts - three of their players will probably take home, put together, the same as our squad, staff and the Under-23s `

"All their subs will be on double what our top earner is - and you have to take all that into account.

"I've got no complaints about the score...and it could have been worse."

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Coleman also claimed his side's striker Colby Bishop, outshone his Latics counterpart Charlie Wyke, who capped another tremendous display with his first two goals for the club.

"This will sound off, but the pick of the strikers on the pitch was Colby," the Stanley boss added.

"I know Charlie Wyke's come off with two goals, but he hasn't played half as well as Colby has.

"He's just had better service.

"It was sod's law he was going to break his duck against us, I've lost track of the amount of times that's happened.

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"But it is what it is, we need to dust ourselves down and get back on track."

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