'Frustration and disappointment' at Wigan Athletic move

Tom NaylorTom Naylor
Tom Naylor
Wigan Athletic's capture of Portsmouth Captain Tom Naylor on Friday has caused huge 'frustration and disappointment' at Mansfield Town.

The Stags - and their CEO David Sharpe - had been in pole position to land the 29-year-old, who had even completed his medical with his hometown club.

But at the 11th hour, Latics made their move - leaving Town boss Nigel Clough less than impressed.

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"It’s frustrating to say the least and disappointing," he told the club's official website.

"Tom actually came in for his medical and it was at the stage where everything was agreed.

"Unbeknown to Tom or anyone else his agent was still negotiating with another club behind everybody’s back – even when everything was agreed.

"It’s about different standards of behaviour.

"When we thought Tom might be available, we knew he was out of contract and his personal circumstances gave us a chance.

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"His agent is an ex-Stags player as well, so hopefully he’ll be keen on coming here.

"We were very surprised. One of the first conversations with (CEO) David (Sharpe) had with him (the agent), one of the first things he said was he didn’t want him coming here, which was surprising from the agent.

"Actually, that was the second thing he said, the first thing he asked how much he was getting out of the deal.

"‘It was very disappointing. It’s not that it happens, it’s how it happens and the behaviour.

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"I feel sorry for Tom because he was happy, medical and all of a sudden he’s presented with a bigger financial offer at the last minute.

"He phoned and explained and was a little bit embarrassed about it.

"You can understand though, because he’s got a baby on the way and he’s nearly 30 years’ old and has to make difficult decisions.

"But as far as we were concerned the deal was done."

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