It's all about trust - Wigan Athletic chief

'Trust in the process' - that's Leam Richardson's defiant message to wounded Wigan Athletic's players and supporters.

Latics travel to high-flying Swansea City this weekend looking to arrest a slump that's seen them drop from play-off contention to the bottom three.

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Wigan Athletic boss reacts to Stoke City defeat
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Seven defeats in eight matches have drained much of the early-season optimism and confidence, with injuries also starting to really bite.

Leam Richardson has called for everyone with Latics to 'trust the process' after a dip in fortunesLeam Richardson has called for everyone with Latics to 'trust the process' after a dip in fortunes
Leam Richardson has called for everyone with Latics to 'trust the process' after a dip in fortunes

Richardson, though, is determined to lead the side out the other side, and wants everyone to come together and ride out the storm as a group.

"This is the ruthlessness of the Championship, that's why you need a really healthy squad, with a healthy quality of player," he said.

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"Because you've always got another big game on the way within 72 hours.

"The plus side is you've always got that chance to turn things around in a positive manner.

"To be fair, I think the performance levels have generally been quite high.

"I think we've been very, very unlucky to fall on the wrong side of a few results.

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"And I think if people lose sight of where we were 15 months ago, and where we are now, and where we want to go, well we are in trouble.

"If we don't lose sight of that, we will keep making those progressive strides forward, like we have done.

"You have to work hard, you have to make sure you're doing the right things, you stay consistent and you have really strong beliefs and strong habits."

When asked how he could turn things around, Richardson responded: "There's a big word in football, and it's a big word in whatever division you're in...and that's 'trust'.

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"You've got to trust the process, you've got to trust the people who are in place, you've got to trust the players, the staff, and yourself.

"You've got to have trust to stay on a good run, or get on a good run if you're not.

"Whatever fight you're in, you've got to address that and be the best version of yourself that you can."

The current run is by far the worst since Richardson became manager, initially as interim in 2020, and full-time last year.

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Having guided the side to the League One title in his first full campaign in charge, he admits this will be a test for him and the group.

"Listen, we're used to winning, aren't we?" he added.

"I think we had eight bad weekends last year, potentially this year we're going to have double that.

"So it's a mindset, and it's a philosophy that runs through your football club.

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"I need to lead properly, as I've done in the past, and work hard, and make sure I deliver the right messages and the right output.

"As ever though, all the best ideas are the ones that haven't been tried, and the best opinions are the ones that are saying you coulda, woulda, shoulda.

"It's my job to make sure the players are getting the right information and are preparing properly."