Leam Richardson's Wigan Athletic takeover plea

Leam Richardson believes a 'fantastic' future is 'just around the corner' for Wigan Athletic - if only the takeover saga can get sorted out.

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 3:27 pm
Leam Richardson

Latics have just entered a ninth month in administration, with the team rooted in last place in League One with 14 matches remaining.

Despite the situation - on and off the pitch - taking its toll on a fanbase reeling from blow after blow after blow since July 1 last year, Richardson is adamant it's not all doom and gloom.

And he made a passionate plea for any would-be buyer to jump in now - and get their hands on top football club for a rock-bottom price.

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"It's a strange one because, in my opinion, the whole place has been waiting for a lift for nine months," the Latics interim manager said.

"And I have felt, by working at the forefront of it every day, that once we did get that lift, everybody would step up to the plate and would have direction and leadership.

"All those big, strong, powerful words you want in an organisation, I think a new owner would deliver that.

"If somebody wants to stay in this league, I suggest in my opinion the best thing would be to give a solid direction and some great energy to the place.

"Because this is a fantastic football club - and you only have to be in it for one minute to realise that.

"It's still got some great people here, some very good young players, and still all to play for.

"Listen, it's everybody's prerogative to make their own decisions.

"But if you want to buy a football club and be in charge of it for 15-20 years, I don't see the huge difference which league it's in when you buy it.

"You're still owning a fantastic football club, with a fantastic fanbase and a fantastic stadium.

"This club's had low times before but, as you've seen, it can grow dead quick.

"We were on the verge of possibly getting into the Championship play-offs this year, with the fantastic squad we had.

"And despite what's happened, that kind of future could be just around the corner again, for the good times to come back for Wigan Athletic once a new owner comes in."

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