Max Power reveals Wigan Athletic promotion incentive

Max Power has revealed his Christmas wish and New Year’s resolution this year are one and the same – achieving promotion Wigan Athletic for team-mate Charlie Wyke.
Max Power and Charlie Wyke celebrate during Latics' 4-0 victory at AccringtonMax Power and Charlie Wyke celebrate during Latics' 4-0 victory at Accrington
Max Power and Charlie Wyke celebrate during Latics' 4-0 victory at Accrington

The Latics family was rocked at the end of November when news emerged of Wyke’s collapse at the club’s Christopher Park training base.

After being stabilised by Leam Richardson and club doctor Jonathan Tobin, Wyke was taken to Liverpool hospital, where he was fitted with an implantable defibrillator before being allowed home.

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News of Wyke’s plight affected Power more than most, with the pair having played together for three years at Sunderland before joining Latics last summer.

And the midfielder is determined to do everything he can to help Latics achieve their on-field goals – while Wyke continues to recuperate off the field.

“Look, no-one’s under any illusions that what went on wasn’t extremely serious,” said Power. “For me personally, if we can have a successful campaign, and Charlie can get back and be a part of that, that would be perfect.

“Not that this squad needed any added motivation, but every little always helps.

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“This squad hasn’t been together long, but what we’ve been through and seen in recent weeks, can only bring us closer.

“Some things are just far bigger than football, and the most important thing is Charlie’s health.

“He’s in good spirits at the moment, he’s been back to the stadium to watch us, which is killing him at the moment, not being able to get out there!

“Everyone at Wigan had already seen how good of a player he is. And having spent three years with him at Sunderland, I know he was in a really good place here and enjoying his football.

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“The fans were quick to see what he brings to the team, and his performances were also allowing others to excel.

“Unfortunately these things happen in football, no-one could see it coming.

“ But that’s why you need a good squad, and everyone is as important as everyone else in helping the club achieve its goals.”

The way Power and Latics have continued their promotion push, with everything going on in the background, has been utterly awe-inspiring.

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“It was a bit of a strange week because, after we knew he was in hospital and was okay, we had a game to play at Cambridge the following day,” acknowledged Power.

“After that it was Plymouth away on the Saturday, and funnily enough I had a bout of food poisoning the night before.

“I was spewing all Friday night up until 3am, managed to get some sleep, and facetimed Charlie on the Saturday morning.

“I was pretty close to pulling out of the game, but I thought about Charlie in hospital, and here’s me complaining about being a bit sick.

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“If it hadn’t been for that phone call, I’d probably have pulled out. But speaking to Charlie helped the fact we were in Plymouth, and there was no quick way home!

“I knew I’d have to wait anyway for the bus, so I played and speaking to him gave me that inner strength.

“I still speak to him every day, and he’s in as good a place as you can hope, without obviously being able to play football.

“It’s been a difficult few weeks for everyone connected to the club.

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"But the way we’ve managed to navigate our way through it has brought everyone together even more, and hopefully we can all achieve our goals this season.”

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