Paella not pies for ex-Wigan Athletic ace!

Wigan Athletic old-boy Jordan Flores has stumbled upon a recipe for avoiding going stir-fry crazy during the long days and weeks without football.
Jordan FloresJordan Flores
Jordan Flores

Sharpening up his culinary skills in the kitchen!

Which means the 24-year-old from Aspull – now playing over in Ireland with Dundalk – isn’t feeling as isolated as he otherwise might.

“I am keeping in touch with things back home, and it is tough at a time like this,” he told the Wigan Observer.

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“But I suppose I’m in a similar position to what I’d be like at home, I wouldn’t be able to visit, we’d be facetiming anyway.

“My girlfriend’s over here with me, so I’m not on my own... I think I’d be going stir crazy if I was. It’s just a case of trying to keep as busy as possible, trying to fill the days.

“I’ve actually found cooking is a massive distraction at the moment!

“You can kill a good few hours cooking up a decent meal, in between all the training.

“I’d say my speciality is paella, that’s my go-to dish.

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“I’ve not tried making a pie from scratch, but I’ve got time to have a go now!”

Incredibly, it’s coming up to five years since Flores made his Latics debut, on the final day of the 2014-15 season at Brentford.

Since then, he’s spent time with Blackpool, Chesterfield, Fylde and even Swedish side Ostersund, before taking the big decision to make a new start in Ireland last year

“I had a little taste of that when I went to Sweden, although that was only temporary,” he revealed.

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“To move over to Ireland permanently was a big decision for me, and I didn’t settle in as quickly as I would have liked.

“But since I’ve been playing regularly, I feel really settled now, and looking to stay for a while.

“It’s a small town, a footballing town, pretty similar to Wigan, maybe on a smaller scale. But it’s a nice place to live, and I’m enjoying myself.

“I’ve struggled to get back to normal fitness ever since 2017, when I had my car crash. This season’s probably been the first time I’ve felt like my real self, I’ve been playing regular football and enjoying myself.

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“It’s a big year in terms of getting games under my belt, and getting back to where I was.”

Indeed, Flores did rather more than getting back to where he was, with a jaw-dropping goal against Shamrock Rovers in February that achieved global fame.

“It was crazy the way it went viral, the video’s had over five million hits now,” he smiled. “If I had a quid for every view, that wouldn’t be so bad...

“The only twinge of disappointment was we actually lost the game, so it didn’t count for anything.

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“I wasn’t that comfortable doing all the interviews afterwards, because of that, but I was advised to just enjoy the moment.

“Sadly I don’t even think it will count for anything if the season gets cancelled, but we’ll have to see.”