Revealed! The six-figure sum Wigan Athletic will receive from the EFL amid coronavirus concerns

All fixtures in the UK have been postponed until April 3 at the earliest, though many expect the suspension will be extended.
Latics are to receive a six-figure sumLatics are to receive a six-figure sum
Latics are to receive a six-figure sum

Concerns have been raised about the short and long term financial impacts of COVID-19, and the EFL board met on Wednesday to discuss their response.

It was decided that a £50million sum would be made available to the 71 EFL clubs to assist with their cash flow requirements.

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That figure will be split into immediate payments for the remainder of the 2019/20 campaign and an interest free loan facility.

The BBC have seen the letter sent to clubs on the back of the announcement, and report a sum of £28.9million will be immediately paid to EFL clubs.

Within that, Latics and the remaining 23 Championship clubs are set to receive £800,000 each.

That £800,000 was due to be paid to clubs, even had the season not been interrupted.

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What has happened is that the payment has been made now rather than in the three stages it was due to be

The remainder of the £50million will be put aside for the interest free loan service, making up the remaining £21.1million.

Championship clubs will be allowed to access £584,000 of that figure.

Latics are also set to benefit from the EFL futures fund.

According to the BBC, the EFL have told clubs a pot of £1million will be used to reward clubs who have fielded players below the age of 21 who qualify to play for England (or Wales, in the case of Cardiff City, Swansea City, and Newport County).

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Like the basic award payment, the letter states these payments will be distributed immediately rather than at the end of the season.

The EFL announced on Wednesday evening that they will aim to complete the 2019/20 campaign when safe to do so.

After discussing a number of issues, the EFL reaffirmed the health and well-being of EFL staff, players, club employees and supporters would remain central to all decisions.