We'll be out this month - Wigan Athletic administrator

Gerald Krasner believes Wigan Athletic will be out of administration and under new ownership by the end of this month.
Gerald KrasnerGerald Krasner
Gerald Krasner

Begbies Traynor accepted an offer last week from a Spanish bidder for the football club, the DW Stadium and the training ground at Christopher Park.

Despite wishing to remain anonymous, the bidder was yesterday named by ‘TheBusinessDesk.com’ as 55-year-old businessman Jose Miguel Garrido Cristo.

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While all the necessary paperwork is put together to pass on the EFL, Krasner outlined how he thinks the process will play out.

When asked when the handover would occur, Krasner replied: “October – that is what I would expect. This month.

“In the meantime, we will be doing everything that is necessary to run this football club.

“We are running this football club, in administration, until the football share passes (to the new owner).”

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Speaking exclusively to the Wigan Post, Krasner explained the next step of a process which began all the way back on July 1, when the club was placed into administration by previous owner Au Yeung Wai Kay.

“When we’ve completed all the necessary paperwork, which is quite a lot, that goes to the EFL.

"They will then make a decision and, depending on that decision, the football share and the FA share then can be transferred to the new owner.

“They can then reveal themselves, and we will then bow out of the front bit.

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“We’ll still be busy with the administration process, we just won’t own the football club any more...bearing in mind there were five companies in total.”

Krasner is still negotiating the separate sale of the Sharpy’s restaurant adjacent to the DW Stadium, and insists he remains ‘confident’ of getting a deal over the line.

“But it won’t have any effect on the deal we’ve done to sell the rest,” he added.

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