What happens to all the Wigan Athletic transfer 'add-ons'?

Wigan Athletic's new owners will receive every single penny of the sell-ons and incentives from player sales negotiated by the administrators - worth up to a staggering £10million.

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 6:31 pm
The DW Stadium

So says Paul Stanley whose Begbies Traynor firm are expected to officially hand over running of the club to the new Bahrain owners any day now.

The admins have come in for huge criticism for their work over the last nine months - including the suggestion they would be holding on to future payments negotiated during the player sales over the last nine months.

Stanley, though, says that is absolutely not the case.

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"All of the player contingent stuff - where you might be due a payment if a player hits targets elsewhere - has all been sold to the new club as part of the deal," he told Wigan Today.

"The new club will get every penny of any money that is due to come in.

"Even if one of those targets was to happen tomorrow, before the deal goes through, it would come into the old club and be used to cover the expenses of the old club.

"We're still paying the bills here, the heating, the lighting and everything else.

"But on the date we complete, we draw a line in the sand, and from then on it's the new club."

While Gerald Krasner concentrated on finding a buyer for the club itself, Stanley was more involved with player sales, which covered the debts Latics had as well as providing a buffer to complete the season while new owners were found.

And he has lifted the lid on the process of not only securing money up front - but also income down the line should targets be met by elsewhere.

"From all the players sales I did, I managed to get clauses for appearances and achievable targets, as well as sell-ons if they are sold on at a profit," he said.

"They range between 10 per cent and 25 per cent, depending on the player and where they went, and how much of a negotiating position I had.

"All that has been passed on to the new club, and will be coming into the new club as part of the deal.

"There's about £10million worth in total...and they are all part of the new club.

"Obviously it could never be the full £10million, because it would involve Cardiff (Kieffer Moore), Swansea (Jamal Lowe), Middlesbrough (Sam Morsy) all getting promoted and staying up.

"But for example, if Middlesbrough were to go up and stay up, basically there's £1million on its way in as part of the Morsy deal.

"I was a bit cheeky there, because we couldn't get a lot of money out of Middlesbrough.

"I remember an interesting chat with Neil Warnock...and he was telling me he didn't have the budget.

"So I said if Sammy helped them win promotion to the Premier League they would have the budget...and that obviously worked."

The other potential promotion payments range from £400,000 (Cardiff/Moore) to £100,000 (Swansea, Lowe).

Latics were also in line for an earner were West Brom to stay up and Cedric Kipre play in half the games - but that ship has already sailed.

From pre-existing deals, there's also £250,000 on the way if/when Brighton stay up, from the Dan Burn sale in 2018.

And another £300,000 will be due if Sunderland reach the Championship from the combined sales of Max Power and Will Grigg - even though the latter is now on loan at MK Dons.

In addition, Latics are due appearance-related payments for Premier League trio Joe Gelhardt, Jensen Weir and Alfie Devine, with six figures on the way for every 10 league starts up to a certain level.

Stanley also addressed the widely-quoted figure of £250,000 - which it was initially suggested the admins had ring-fenced for themselves.

"Originally it came out that we were trying to keep £250,000," he said. "But that was something someone, somewhere picked up and kept repeating, and it just wasn't true.

"What we said at the start, when we were negotiating with the Spanish and the Bahrainis, was the first £250,000 that came in would go into the pot, just in case somebody appeared out of the woodwork and claimed to be owed a load of money.

"It was never, ever coming to Begbies and, if we didn't need it, it would have been given back to the club.

"If you look at the insolvency act, we're not allowed to do deals like that, it doesn't work like that.

"It's like this theory I kept hearing that we wanted the club to close down, which is just nonsense."

Interestingly, Latics have also been liable for outgoing player payments during the admins' time in charge.

"It works both ways, thankfully not very much now," Stanley added. "But last season we had players who were approaching a certain number of appearances.

"In fact, the last game of the season, when we played Fulham, I think there were two players who each triggered around £50,000.

"Obviously you can't say to the manager 'don't play him and him' - you've got to play your best team.

"But then you get relegated anyway, and you're thinking 'that's just cost us another £100,000."

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