Wigan Athletic fanbase increases by one!

Wigan Athletic have this week picked up more than precious points in their fight against relegation from League One.
Funso OjoFunso Ojo
Funso Ojo

They've also gained one extra supporter - in the form of a fellow guest at the Plymouth hotel which housed them ahead of their midweek fixture on the south coast!

"I was staying at the Crowne Plaza in Plymouth at the same time as the Wigan players," the guest wrote in a letter addressed to hotel reception.

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"I had a brief chat with some of them and was impressed with how friendly and pleasant they were, especially Funso Ojo.

"Footballers often get a bad press but these young men are a credit to the club.

"I was delighted they beat Plymouth and wish them well for the rest of the season."

Manager Leam Richardson was delighted to receive the plaudits on behalf of his squad, who have handled themselves with distinction during the most turbulent season in the club's history.

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"I was really pleased to hear about the message!" he said "The lads are fully aware of the responsibility they carry when they’re representing Wigan Athletic both on and off the pitch.

"We are very mindful it is our duty to represent the town well when we travel up and down the country, and it’s pleasing to see the lads made a positive impression on a guest at the hotel."