Wigan Athletic: Leam Richardson says it was important to give players the right amount of minutes in the EFL Cup defeat to Fleetwood Town

Wigan Athletic manager Leam Richardson says it was important to give Ryan Nyambe the right amount of minutes on his first start for the club.

The fullback, who signed in the summer, was named in a heavily rotated side, which featured a number of young players.

Nyambe played for 70 minutes before being subbed off.

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“It’s always difficult this time of year,” Richardson stated.

Ryan Nyambe made his first start on Tuesday night

“He’s a very fit lad but there’s fitness and then there’s football fitness, so we’ve got to be careful that we don’t put him in and then lose him.

“You need to make sure to tick those minutes off and that you're robust enough to get through the season, because it’s going to be a good, challenging campaign for Ryan and he will be a big player for us.

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“The game came at a good time for some of the lads to get 90 minutes.

“Everyone who played on Tuesday was very good with their professionalism and preparation. We were against a very senior opposition, so it was challenging for them, but they will be better for it.

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“You want to learn in this industry by playing, and it’s important that we individualise that as a football club.

“We want to make these pathways and loan options available, like what we’ve seen with Callum Lang, where they come back as more rounded footballers, and are better for it.

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“It’s all about habits. I’ve said to them before, don’t let the clock dictate what we do, be consistent.

“They will take the education from the game and into the next time.

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“It’s important for a manager to build a philosophy and a structure that replicates what you are as a football club. I expect the lads to know exactly what they are doing around the pitch.”

Tuesday’s game also marked Jamie Jones’ 100th appearance for the club.

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“I congratulated him before the game and after,” Richardson added.

“I jokingly said I’ve been here for all of them, which is a rarity for a manager.

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“It’s a proud moment for anyone to make 100 appearances for a football club.

“We know what Wigan means to Jamie as well.”