I could do the Scotland job, insists Wigan Athletic old-boy

Gary CaldwellGary Caldwell
Gary Caldwell
Former Wigan Athletic boss Gary Caldwell insists he's 'more qualified' to manage the Scotland national side than Partick Thistle, who recently sacked him.

The 37-year-old, who lasted less than a year at Thistle, applied for the national job in February 2018, when Alex McLeish got the nod.

And he believes his greater knowledge of the international arena, as opposed to the Scottish lower leagues, would stand him in better stead.

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"I've never played in the Championship, but I've played 55 games for Scotland. I know how international players think," he said.

"I don't know how Championship players think. I do now, but I didn't when I first went in.

"I feel like I could do it [the Scotland job]. I feel like I'm more qualified to do that than I am to manage Partick Thistle."

Caldwell took the Thistle job after previous spells with Latics and Chesterfield in England.

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After avoiding relegation from the Scottish Championship on the final day of last season, he was surprised the axe fell just a month into this term.

He also dismissed any suggestion of a revolt among the playing staff at Partick.

"There's a lot of stories come out of Partick Thistle and, until those players are named, then those stories aren't real in my opinion," he told BBC Scotland.

"Of 24 players, only three didn't call or text to thank me, to say they enjoyed it, to say they feel they've improved, to wish me all the best.

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"If I get time, I believe in what I do. But so far I've not had that time and that's a frustration.

"I've only had one full season as a manager where I started and finished it, and I won the league down at Wigan.

"Every other time, I've been sacked."