Will Grigg leaves for Sunderland - how Wigan Athletic fans reacted on social media

Will Grigg was the headline-grabbing departure from Wigan Athletic on transfer deadline day - here is how these fans reacted to his move to Sunderland...
Will GriggWill Grigg
Will Grigg

@WafcSean: “If I ever hear Freed From Desire in a nightclub ever again I'm going to burst out into tears on the dancefloor. Don't even care. #wafc”

@laticschief: “Grigg's been one of our best ever signings and he's quite rightly earned legend status. He's got us up twice, knocked City out and had whole country singing about him. Now he's leaving on a profit. Good luck to him. #wafc”

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@RossWAFC: “Whether or not Grigg leaves he is one of the biggest legends in the history of the football club. Will never stop loving him #Wafc”

@GregFarrimond: “Best of luck to Grigg. Always felt his chances of doing a job at this level would increase if he was actually on the pitch. Been a class act for Latics, one of few in recent years who slots into the legend category IMO #wafc”

@wiganmossy: “Well that’s it Grigg has gone, absolutely gutted, hopefully use the money to keep Powell #wafc”

@LeeAdamsonL20: “1st time tonight I’ve really worried about the intentions of this board, £4m is good business for Grigg but a ridiculous decision to sell last minute without replacing, seriously risking our place in the league going with only two strikers, worrying times #wafc”

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@JoeWinstanley88: “Would be absolutely gutted to see Grigg go. Done so well for us, but £4M is good business if we have a replacement lined up. If we don’t, then that’s a shambles of a decision! #WAFC”

@MurphyWigan: “Came in, no one knew who he was. Got us two promotions scoring a billion goals. Took over the world with his song. Gave us all some of the best moments of our lives. Sold for quadruple the price. Greatest tic of all time @WillGrigg #wafc”

@Sam_f_Heaton: “I’m going to bed now knowing that I’m going to wake up to a picture of Will Grigg in a Sunderland shirt. And it’s going to hurt me in more ways than I ever believed it was possible to be hurt. What a awful feeling #WAFC”

@TH11513: “It’s never “good business” to sell your most natural goalscorer with no replacement, some total nonsense being spoken on here. #wafc”

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@JohnHassall97: “Sad to see Grigg go but he hasn;t proved himself to be a championship player under a few managers now. £4 million for a league one player is great business by #wafc”

@RobboHarry2: “Devastated. Never thought this day would come but I truly wish Grigg all the best. He rightly earned cult status at Wigan and is leaving as a club legend. Won us 2 leagues, beat Man City and had the whole world singing about him. Cheers Will, you will be missed.”

@mattlatics: “As much as I hate to say it, we just need to accept the fact that Will Grigg is going. We need to move on and get behind the boys for the rest of the season #wafc #utt”

@maspey18: “Gutted it looks like grigg has gone, fan fav great guy and seemed to love being here, saying that we couldn’t turn down 4m so if he’s happy to go too then wish him well and will continue to follow his career #wafc”

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@ella_jade_: “Don’t think I’ve ever been so gutted about losing a player Gave me some of my best memories as a wigan fan over the last few years. @WillGrigg thanks for everything good luck #wafc”