Boxer Kyle Lomotey wins his bout on the Amir Khan undercard in Saudi Arabia

Kyle Lomotey recorded the biggest victory of his career as he defeated Abdulfatah Julaidan in Saudi Arabia on Friday.
Kyle Lomotey has a 7-0 record. Picture: Snapshots by LeanneKyle Lomotey has a 7-0 record. Picture: Snapshots by Leanne
Kyle Lomotey has a 7-0 record. Picture: Snapshots by Leanne

Lomotey, who works full-time as a bricklayer in Hindley, showcased his elegant boxing ability as he recorded an impressive unanimous points victory over Julaidan at the King Abdullah Sports City on Friday July 12.

The 28-year-old faced one of Saudi Arabia’s hometown heroes on the undercard of Amir Khan and Billy Dib‘s WBC title showdown but Lomotey was left unscathed by the hostile environment.

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Following his victory in Jeddah, Lomotey extended his professional record to seven wins and zero losses prior to the summer off-season break.

The Leyther was delighted to be triumphant in-front of the Channel Five cameras.

“It’s an amazing feeling," he said. "It was the biggest victory that I’ve had in my career so far, and I’m so thankful of everyone who has supported me on my journey from initially turning professional to now winning a top calibre bout in Saudi Arabia on a high profile show.

“It means the world to me, and I cannot wait to get home to celebrate the victory with my family. My family means everything to me, and I’m hoping that I’ve done them proud.”

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Lomotey is now hoping that his big overseas victory will help open doors for him moving forward.

“It was absolutely massive for me to make an impression in-front of the Channel Five cameras. As a boxer from a small town, it’s difficult to get exposure on a wide scale, but fighting on the Amir Khan undercard has given me the platform to boost my profile and hopefully impress onlookers watching my bout.

“I’m really hoping that my Saudi Arabia adventure will now help create new and exciting opportunities in boxing for me. I think it’s a fantastic achievement to have on my boxing C.V, and I think my victory can be massive for my career moving forward.”

While Lomotey will want to saviour his victory in Saudi Arabia, the Leyther will swiftly need to turn his attention to the upcoming prizefighter tournament in September.

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The Elite Boxing-ace will receive the chance to earn a huge cash prize in Manchester as he looks to move another step closer to turning boxing into his full-time profession.

Lomotey said: “I will be fighting in the prizefighter tournament in September so I’m already looking forward to that. I’ll make sure to enjoy this win and celebrate while I can, but I’m going to give everything I’ve got to win in this tournament.

“There’s £10,000 at stake, and the chance to boost my professional record, so I’m hoping to grasp the opportunity with both hands, and hopefully become closer to becoming a full-time boxer instead of a full-time bricklayer.”

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