Rhiannon Dixon's professional 'dream' will become a reality

Rhiannon Dixon with partner Ross ThomassonRhiannon Dixon with partner Ross Thomasson
Rhiannon Dixon with partner Ross Thomasson
Boxer Rhiannon Dixon has vowed to make a lasting first impression ahead of her professional debut in front of the TV cameras on Saturday night.

Dixon, who fights out of Wigan’s Blundell’s Boxing Gym, will make her debut at the University of Bolton Stadium.

She will have plenty of onlookers watching her fight with interest after she became the first ever women’s boxer to sign professionally with VIP Boxing in the summer.

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And Dixon is determined to turn a few heads in her bout against Lithuania’s number one seeded boxer Vaida Masiokaite.

“I’m so excited to make my debut - it’s going to be a dream come true for me,” she said.

“All my family and friends will be watching, and I never ever thought this day would come.

“If someone would’ve told me this five years ago, I would’ve laughed and said, ‘Don’t be daft’. I’m so proud and thankful of the opportunity.

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“It’s an absolute honour to be the first ever female boxer at VIP, but for me, this is just the start.

“I know a lot of people will be curious to see what I’m about with the first female boxer tag, but I’m excited to showcase my skills at one of Britain’s top boxing promotions.

“I want to hopefully impress and make a statement that being the first women to fight at VIP Boxing is not just a gimmick.

“I want to get people off their seats, and make them excited for when I’m going to be fighting again in a future.

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“Although I’m fighting against an extremely talented girl, I believe that I can get my career off to a winning start.

“She’s the number one female in Lithuania and she’s got a very good boxing pedigree so it’ll be a really tough test to start my career with.

“I’m sure it’ll be a really exciting fight - and we’re more than ready to show that the girls can bring it just as good as the guys can.”

When people meets Dixon, many are shocked to learn that she is a professional boxer because of her appearance.

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Even when she arrived for her physical and medical examinations with the British Boxing Board, the examiners bypassed her and asked her partner Ross Thomasson if his name was on the list!

“It’s actually really funny. Even when I was in the process of turning professional, the examiners thought it was my boyfriend who was signing up, not me,” she said.

“Every time that I tell people that I’m a boxer, they are really surprised and always think that I’m not being serious and that I’m just pulling their leg,” she said.

“I get people telling me that my face just doesn’t fit boxing and that they’d never have guessed that’s what I do for a living because I’m – in their words – way too attractive, but in reality, I am a professional boxer and this is my life.

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“I do get a few nice messages on social media complimenting my looks, and it’s so lovely and very flattering, but I want to prove inside the ring that I’m ‘not just a pretty face’.

“I want to show that I am fierce and I mean business. I’m here to try and make it as a young upcoming boxer.

“It’s what I’ve dreamt of, and now I’m here, I’m hunger than ever to succeed.

“I want to be known in boxing for my ability, not because of anything else.”

Dixon thanked her sponsors: Village Mini Travel, Hoist It, Macy Vienna Aesthetics, You’ll never Bake Alone, Ashbrooks Ltd.

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