Ex-Wigan Warriors prop Andy Coley discusses his role in creating the club's new trophy cabinet

Wigan Warriors have recently unveiled their new trophy cabinet in the 1872 Lounge at Robin Park Arena.

Former England and Great Britain prop Andy Coley, who is operations director for Greenmount Projects, was handed the task of helping to create something to encapsulate the club’s history.

The 44-year-old played for the Warriors between 2008 and 2011, during which time he won the Super League Grand Final and the Challenge Cup.

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“To be asked to do the trophy cabinet for such a successful club, we wanted to make sure it was world class and something we could be proud of,” Coley said.

Wigan Warriors' new trophy cabinetWigan Warriors' new trophy cabinet
Wigan Warriors' new trophy cabinet

“It needed to have the wow factor for the club.

“We’re a local business. Myself and Mike Sharkey are the two directors of the company.

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“Mike’s wife Mary worked for the club for around 40 years, and with me playing there, there’s an important connection.

“It took over many weeks of our lives to make sure it was all good.

Andy Coley spent a number of seasons with Wigan during his playing daysAndy Coley spent a number of seasons with Wigan during his playing days
Andy Coley spent a number of seasons with Wigan during his playing days

“We’ve got an internal design team, who came up with quite a traditional style, but they also tried to keep it modern.

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“We liaised with the club to get some ideas and got an idea of all the trophies that would be going in to make sure it was alright sizing wise.

“We created 3D visuals so they could see it before it was actually built to make it true to life.

“There’s also the TV in the centre that the team will use for team meetings.

“It’s great to have the surrounding trophies around that. To see that history when you’re preparing for games is only a good thing.”

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Coley has good memories from his time as a player for the Warriors, with one game in particular standing out to him.

“When you play for a club like Wigan you own the shirt during your time there and then you pass it on to others,” he added.

“You have your own piece of history, and you’re a small part of the legacy of that club.

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“It’s great to go back there and see the things that you’ve helped to win.

“The 2010 Grand Final is my standout memory, without a doubt.

“It was towards the backend of my career.

“When Michael Maguire took over we had a team that was hungry for success.

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“We had youth and experienced players.

“The whole year was fantastic, both on and off the field.

“Everyone’s families got on well, which made it a fun season.

“To win the Grand Final against Saints was the icing on the cake.”

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Before hanging up his boots, Coley had already started to plan for life after rugby league.

“I worked during my last six or seven years of playing,” he stated.

“I had planned the best I could for retirement.

“I’d done all my training and my degree, so it all slotted into place.

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“I’ve happily moved on from rugby. It takes a bit of time to get over it but it’s certainly in the past now.

“It’s great to still have that connection with Wigan. We sponsor the men’s and the women’s sleeve this year.

“We’re also the main shirt sponsor for the girls pathway, so it’s great to support the club and put something back into it.”