Former Wigan Warriors star Sam Tomkins tips Leuluai to be be top coach

Tommy Leuluai has been tipped to become a star coach of the future.
Tommy LeuluaiTommy Leuluai
Tommy Leuluai

That’s the view of former Wigan and New Zealand Warriors team-mate Sam Tomkins, who says he – by contrast – has no ambition whatsoever to coach himself.

“I don’t think coaching is for me,” he told George Riley, on the latest ‘State of Mind Talks’ podcast.

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“I see coaches and how hard they work and how frustrated they get, and I don’t want that. It has never even been something I’ve thought of.

“I love rugby but I think you have to be a rugby nerd to be a coach.

“I have good friends who can dissect the game unbelievably.

“Tommy Leuluai could be coach of the year next year if he got a team, I truly believe that.

“He is smart, watches games, talks about the defence you are playing against. Tommy will dissect everything.

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“I listened to a podcast with Sean Long who said when he was playing he knew he wanted to coach. That is something I’ve never thought of.

“I have the wheels in motion and they will be ready when I do retire but I hope that will be a few years down the line.

“I want to play for as long as I can.

“ I love playing, I hate training.”

l Sam Tomkins was speaking on the latest State of Mind Talks podcast, from award-winning mental health and fitness charity State of Mind Sport, on all major podcast platforms, hosted by George Riley

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