Hardaker capture: How fans reacted

Zak Hardaker's signing for Wigan sent social media abuzz.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 5:03 pm
Updated Friday, 18th May 2018, 5:06 pm
Zak Hardaker's signing has polarised opinion

Hre is what some fans had to say...

L(lost_faith000): “Typical Wigan never give up on anything and anyone. Great club.”

@SkemWarriorX: “Obviously a big gamble, but it’s no different to the Barba situation at Saints. They signed him while banned, and look at him/them now! If Zak gets his head down, works hard and stays clean, the fans will love him and he’ll be a club legend no doubt.”

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@Wellbake1974: “Actually wish @zakhardaker all the very best, he’s too good a player to be outcasted! Congratulations on ya contract Zak!”

Mic Johnson (mickbull4eva): “Wigan are an embarrassment to rugby league, he should never play the sport again, had more than enough chances.”

@Rae_ingram: “That kids got more lives than a cat. It’s actually laughable.”

@angelacoats4 : “I’m happy he’s joined @WiganWarriorsRL I hope he can put his past behind him and move on.. I really hope the fans get behind him and support him too!”

@Kpwane: “I’m all for players being given a second chance, but I’m baffled why @WiganWarriorsRL have signed Zak Hardaker, a player who has been given countless chances so far and always finds a way to mess things up.”

Christopher Lane: “We all know Hardaker has the talent, nobody is doubting that. I wonder if Wigan would be so keen on a druggie (who’s been given chance after chance after chance) already if he was that good? Absolutely not.”

@GavWilson: “Good luck to Zak Hardaker. Hope he grabs this last opportunity with both hands. He’s a phenomenal talent.”

Lyndsey Williams: “Well done Wigan brilliant signing! I’ve got every faith that this young lad will do Wigan proud!”

Matty Dearden: “What a signing.”

@Lainey_1983: “Buzzing, belting player.”