Homesick George Williams 'wants to be somewhere else', says John Bateman

George Williams is in his second year at CanberraGeorge Williams is in his second year at Canberra
George Williams is in his second year at Canberra
John Bateman has issued a note of caution to former club Canberra if they prevent homesick George Williams from leaving.

Williams has not asked for a release from the final year of his deal, which runs until 2022.

And the Raiders are hoping to put plans in place to help Williams and pregnant partner Charlotte feel happier - amid speculation he could return to Super League with former club Wigan or Warrington.

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Bateman himself was in a similar position, leaving Canberra early to return to the Warriors this year.

“If you have a player and you’re making him stay, you’re not going to get a player that’s going to play good rugby,” Bateman told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“He wants to be somewhere else totally different. If he’s not happy, you’re not going to get the best out of him.

“From a business side of it, Canberra want to do what’s best from their end. They’re looking at the fact they had to pay a transfer fee for George and stuff like that. Then George wants to go home. It’s a tough one. I understand George gets paid to play rugby. But if he’s not happy, he’s not happy. His missus is pregnant. I can’t imagine how tough it is in his household.”