Ian Lenagan reveals the number of players vaccinated in the Wigan Warriors squad

Ian Lenagan has revealed that all but one member of the Wigan Warriors squad has been vaccinated against Covid-19.
Ian LenaganIan Lenagan
Ian Lenagan

Speaking at the club’s media day on Friday, he said players can’t be pressured into getting the vaccine, although they will try to persuade them.

The Wigan owner hopes that the prospect of missing some matches throughout the season will act as an incentive across the sport.

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He said: “When you’re speaking about religious, cultural or any other reasons, you can’t force but you can persuade. People have their own reasons why they choose not to be vaccinated.

“For a younger player, or even more so for an older one, you want to play every in a season, and we’ve got two games away in Toulouse and Perpignan.

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“I’ve seen what the NRL are doing, and the French scenario is quite important. Look at Djokovic and Tennis in Australia, everyone has the same problem.

“We are in a good place, and the fact that scrums are coming back is obviously a tribute to the percent of vaccinated players is high.”

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