Matty Peet pleased with Wigan Warriors' professional display against Wakefield

Matty Peet was pleased with the commitment Wigan Warriors showed in their victory over Wakefield Trinity at the DW Stadium.

His side bounced back from the Good Friday Derby defeat against St Helens with a 54-10 in front of their home fans.

Peet was happy by the way his players have reacted and the hard work they put in to beat Wakefield for the second time in a number of weeks.

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He said: “I’m pleased, the Easter Monday game is always a challenging one. I thought the way we went about it was very professional. We played direct but were committed in our defence and were willing to do the tough stuff, which paid off.

Matty Peet

“We have a set way of playing and I thought the players implemented it really well. The big thing today was the commitment and the energy at the very start.

“Wakefield put us under quite a bit of pressure early on and I thought our resilience during that period boded well for the rest of the game. The eagerness to defend for each other is what paid off at the end.

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“You can have high scoring affairs on Easter Monday, and that’s what we wanted to avoid. I think we proved that by our ability to turn them away most of the time. I thought we had good balance in our game and the level didn’t drop.

“I will pay particular praise to the run hard mentality those big men on the bench, like Kaide (Ellis), Patrick (Mago) and Ethan (Havard), as well as the way the front rowers of Liam (Byrne) and Brad (Singleton) started.

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“There’s no getting away from the fact that Wakefield decided to rotate, but we knew that brought a different challenge because they were fresher than us.

“The lads didn’t need much talking to this weekend, they’ve been first class and very positive. Some of them were ready to play Saturday morning.

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“All the players who scored deserved it in equal measure. There were a few lads who were a little bit busted after the short turnaround, and Brad (Singleton) was one of them. He played with a tremendous amount of courage and had a great effect on the game.”