Nuuausala's vow for new season

Frank-Paul Nuuausala has vowed his contribution to Wigan's cause next year will be '˜a big amount.'

Monday, 5th December 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 12:32 pm
Frank-Paul Nuuausala
Frank-Paul Nuuausala

The hulking Kiwi arrived at Warriors last July, going on to take his place in the Grand Final-winning team the following October.

But he thinks his contribution to the cause was only ‘five cents worth’, and is looking forward to fans seeing the real side of him next term.

“I just came in and pitched in with my five cents worth,” he smiled on his contribution to Warriors’ title success.

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“(Next year) It’s gonna be a big amount. It has to be!

“I’ll be much fitter and better prepared for next year.”

Nuuausala began his first pre-season with the Warriors last week after seeing family Down Under in the off-season.

And he is aiming for more silverware this season, after making a good start on his medal collection, and has four to aim for this season including the World Club Challenge.

“To be honest it was one of my goals to win Super League and I’d like a Challenge Cup,” he said.

Nuuausala is getting to grips with his first winter in the UK – but even the cold snap isn’t stopping him from going at pre-season training full-pelt.

With a Grand Final winner’s ring already in the bag from his first few months in the country, Nuuausala wants fans to see the best of him in 2017, even if that means suffering for the cause.

Aside from getting to grips with defrosting his car, and early starts with his family, he is also giving his lungs a thorough workout in search for peak fitness.

“I had a wake up call on Monday with a shock to the body,” he smiled when speaking about getting back into training.

“We did a fitness test and I nearly fell off the treadmill!”

But behind the infectious laugh, Nuuausala’s softly-spoken voice reveals a serious side to the effort he is putting in. 
He doesn’t think Wigan got the best of him since his 
arrival from Canberra Raiders midway through last 

“I’m glad to be back and ready to do the hard work for the boys,” he said.

“(Last season)For me, it was the errors. It wasn’t how I normally play. I have a high expectation of myself and now this is about getting used to the team and how we get coached by Waney.

“Hopefully I can prove my worth.”

Having been in the NRL since 2007, Nuuausala is no stranger to how a pre-season unfolds.

It’s hard work for every player, and apart from one key difference, he insists there is little between hemispheres.

“It’s just the weather,” he smiled.

“Everyone works hard here, just like in the NRL, it’s just the weather, I’m trying to get used to the cold and the ice on your car.

“It’s very rare to have ice on your car in Australia, maybe once in awhile in New Zealand.

“It’s a daily thing over here, trying to get used to that.

“You have to get up earlier and sit in your car for 15 minutes, waiting for it to defrost.

“But I don’t mind the cold really.”

Kiwi international Nuuausala wants to add a more weighty contribution to future successes at Wigan.

Brushing aside the fact he was in the front line when a heavily-depleted squad was relying on him, among others, to battle all the way to 
the Grand Final last term, he feels the hard work had already been done.

He explained: “The amount of work everyone put in before I arrived, the hard work.

“They way the boys played in the Grand Final and the last two weeks of the season 
without even a full-strength team.

“The character we have at the club and this team, and the good work Shaun and his staff do is why we have the success here and why he’s a great coach.”

And while he wants to improve, Nuuausala is enjoying playing under Wane, and thinks the style of Warriors’ play will suit him when he hits top form.

“I love the way the team plays,” he said.

“They play pretty tough and we’re based on the forwards.

“It’s on us to win or lose the game. I like that and I like how Waney coaches. He speaks the truth and puts you on the spot if you’re not doing something for the team, so I’m all down for that.”