Oliver Gildart reveals he played Grand Final with BROKEN WRIST

Oliver Gildart is back in training at Robin ParkOliver Gildart is back in training at Robin Park
Oliver Gildart is back in training at Robin Park
Oliver Gildart has detailed for the full extent of the toll which last year’s Grand Final had on him – both physically and emotionally.

The centre revealed for the first time he played nearly all the game with a broken wrist.

And the 24-year-old says he was so hurt by the title-decider - which Saints won 8-4 with a last-second try - he has not watched it back.

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In the hours and days after the final, it was reported Gildart (below) had played with a suspected broken thumb.

But he revealed: “I’d broken my thumb the previous year and literally one minute into the game, my first tackle, I got an elbow directly onto it - my thumb swelled up and I thought i’d broken it again.

“It was only when I went for the scan a couple days later, it showed my thumb had been badly bruises – but I’d broken two bones in my wrist!”

Gildart, back in pre-season training and targeting a World Cup spot in 2021, continued: “The final affected me personally a lot longer than it normally does so it’s good to get back with the boys.

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“I’ve never been as rattled by a game, I’ve still not watched it back.

“I watch all my games back to see how I’ve played personally, what I cold have done differently, but that one I couldn’t bring myself to watching it. I was in a bit of a bad place, mentally and physically draining – it stuck with me for a while. It’s the worst I’ve felt after a game.”

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