Stevo: I'm going out at the top

He has provided the soundtrack for every Super League Grand Final, but Mike '˜Stevo' Stephenson will hang up the microphone after tonight's match.

Saturday, 8th October 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 2:44 pm
Sky Sports Rugby League commentators Eddie Hemmings and Mike Stephenson stopped off at Wigan's Waterstones store to sign copies of their new book, It's Been Grand now It's Final

The colourful, occasionally controversial, figure has been commentating alongside Eddie Hemmings for 28 years.

“I’d like to think I’m going out at the top, when I’m not forgetting people’s names... or at least, no more than I ever was!” he smiled.

“It’s the same as when you’re a player – too many people hang around too long, and the last memories of someone are always the strongest.

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“I’m approaching my 70th birthday and I’ve had a good trot.”

Stevo’s distinctive gravelly tone, shoot-from-the-hip views and catchphrases have made him a divisive character.

“Even in Australia, I get people saying, ‘You don’t have irritate me with that ‘It’s a T-R-Y’,” smiled the 69-year-old.

“I never looked at it as just commentary, and everything being perfect - I wanted it to be enjoyable and entertaining for the fans. Eddie and I, we don’t feel special, we’re just two mates who are passionate about the game.

“I know some people get upset at times, but I just call it as I see it. A spade is a spade.”

The Super League Grand Final will be televised around the world – New Zealand, Australia, France, Norway, Canada,USA, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, South Sea Islands, and large parts of Asia and Africa.