Super League to return with a real 'buzz' with new rule

The Warriors squad back in trainingThe Warriors squad back in training
The Warriors squad back in training
A buzzer will sound during games when the new 'six-again' rule is enforced, the Rugby Football League has confirmed.

The sound will complement the signalling of the referee and aid communication to players and others in the ground when the season resumes this weekend.

The 'six-again' rule will see the referee award a fresh set of tackles, instead of a penalty, for certain offences around the ruck area.

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It is one of a number of changes that have been introduced during the coronavirus stoppage either for health reasons or under a planned review process.

A newly-published RFL guide to the changes states of 'six again': "The referee will signal this in the usual manner for restarting the tackle count - raising a clenched fist above the head, and waving from side to side.

"A buzzer will also sound, to aid in communication with players and others at the ground."

It is also confirmed that players will not be permitted to gather in huddles after the scoring of tries to limit the potential spread of Covid-19.

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"The team scoring a try should limit hugging or handshakes and the team conceding a try should not huddle closely behind their own line as the conversion is attempted," the guide states.

The guide also goes into detail on the temporary removal of scrums from the game, which was announced previously, due to coronavirus.

It states: "Although rugby league is a game dominated by physical contact, scrums constitute a significant proportion of the prolonged close contacts that are regarded as the most serious threat of virus transmission.

"Whereas a one-on-one tackle around the legs would potentially not involve any prolonged face-to-face contact, a scrum is regarded by Public Health England as a microclimate - which, given the need for six players from each team to be in a small area for a prolonged period, would represent a considerable risk of virus transmission."

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Scrums will be replaced by a handover of possession, although defending teams will have 30 seconds on the shot clock to ready themselves.

The 2020 season, which was suspended in March, will restart with two Betfred Super League games on Sunday, both behind closed doors at Headingley.