The Liam Farrell column: '˜A game in the Nou camp? It gets my backing'

I've been lucky enough to play in some great stadiums during my career.
Will Wigan be playing Catalans at the Nou Camp next season?Will Wigan be playing Catalans at the Nou Camp next season?
Will Wigan be playing Catalans at the Nou Camp next season?

And if I got the chance to run out at the Nou Camp, it would certainly be up there with the best.

I’ve seen that Catalans are looking at moving their game against us next year to the home of Barcelona FC.

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It’s down the pipeline and we’ll have to see what comes of it, but it’d be great to see that happen.

It would be an experience not only for the players, but for the fans, too, to watch their team in Spain instead of Perpignan.

It would definitely get my backing – and I think it would be supported by the whole of Super League.

Closer to home, we finish off our Super-8s campaign against Hull FC tomorrow night.

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We’re secure in second, whatever the result, and FC have no chance of making the top-four.

For us, the motivation is trying to put in a good performance and then we’re in a good frame of mind for our semi-final against Castleford next week.

We’ve limped into semi-finals and finals before and it’s never great preparation, you’d always much rather be going in with the confidence that a good display gives you, rather than with areas to fix up.

If I don’t return against Hull, hopefully it’s next week.

I’ve been building up my training for the last week or so, and Tuesday’s session was the most brutal yet, and my shoulder felt good wrestling and going into contact with the big lads in our squad.

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But it’s Waney’s call, obviously, and he’s already said he won’t risk anyone against Hull.

If it was up to us, we’d all put our hands up – players just want to play, they don’t want weeks off – but obviously Waney has to do the right thing with such a big game next week.

Before our match, the Under-19s play their Grand Final against Leeds.

It’d be great if a lot of fans got down early to watch them because they’re a really good side, and the club has a proud record in these academy Grand Finals.

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We all went down to Orrell to watch them in their semi-final last weekend and they won convincingly in the end. Good luck to them.

Finally, I’ve seen a few suggestions about tweaks that may be made to the competition for next season.

The one I’d introduce is a shot-clock.

It’s worked well in NRL in cutting down the breaks in play.

I’ve seen some teams here take advantage a little bit much, and slow the game down.

It’s frustrating when you’re pressuring a team and you force a repeat set, and then they take two minutes catching their breath before they take the drop-out!

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I wouldn’t be surprised to see the number of substitutions a team can made come down, too, from 10 to eight.