Warriors coach 'embarrassed' after 'car-crash' capitulation

Adrian Lam pulled no punches after Wigan's 48-0 drubbing against Catalans, which he admitted was a 'car-crash' of a performance that 'embarrassed' the club.
Adrian LamAdrian Lam
Adrian Lam

Warriors' 100 per cent record in Super League was utterly shredded in the south of France as a Dragons side featuring a number of ex-Wigan men ran riot.

And the Warriors coach offered up no excuses for, by his own admission, his worst experience as a coach.

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"I thought we were pretty poor," Lam acknowledged. "I just don't think we were ever in the game at all.

"We embarrassed ourselves out there. We embarrassed the club.

"It was the kind of performance that we haven't had in my time here.

"Admittedly we haven't always been great over the last few weeks and, to some extent, a loss was coming.

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"Today was obviously that day. But to that extent? I just didn't see that.

"I just don't understand how it got to that point. It hurts.

"It was a horror...a car crash really."

Warriors were extremely fortunate to go in to the break only 16-0 down, such was Catalans' dominance.

But FOUR more tries in the space of 10 minutes shortly after the restart put the Warriors well and truly out of their misery.

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"We had a couple of opportunities early, but then again mistakes came and got us.

"It probably should have been even worse at half-time to be honest, because there were alarming signs from early in the game," Lam recognised.

"We needed to score first and early in the second half to have any kind of chance.

"But you give away a penalty on the first defensive set and it's just more of the same.

"It's always a reality check to lose...but by that much?

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"We had a lot of players with injuries - and I'm not using that as an excuse - but playing Catalans away, in the form they're in, you've got to be on your best game.

"We never showed any indication there was a performance like that coming.

"I'm still shell-shocked to be honest...how it went from bad to worse, and everything we did just didn't work."

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