Why Williams is turning up the volumn

George Williams is turning up the volume as Wigan aim to stretch their winning start to the year.
George Williams in England training earlier this weekGeorge Williams in England training earlier this week
George Williams in England training earlier this week

The talented No.6 was challenged with the task of being more vocal this season.

England coach Wayne Bennett told him to work on being more talkative on the pitch in the build-up to the World Cup at the end of this year.

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Williams now feels more comfortable barking instructions to his Warriors team-mates.

The 22-year-old said: “When I saw him again (last month) he asked me what I needed to improve on and I said: ‘My talk’, and he said: ‘Bang on’.

“So I know where I need to be, I’ll keep working on it.

“I’m quite a quiet person, it’s not natural for me to be loud – if Wayne had met me when I was first No.6 he would have been shocked because I didn’t really speak!

“But I have got more vocal. I’m not loud, but it’s something I’ve got better at.”

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Williams was the youngest player to figure for England last year, playing in two of the Four Nations Tests, and has eyes on the May Test against Samoa in Sydney.

He made his Test debut the previous year under former national boss Steve McNamara.

He met up with the other Super League-based England internationals at a special training camp outside of Manchester on Monday.

“There are some good players here but that’s what you get with international rugby, I want to nail a spot and I can only do that by playing well,” he said.

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There has certainly been no communication problems down Wigan’s left edge so far this season, with Joe Burgess scoring six tries in three games and Oliver Gildart on just behind on five.

Unbeaten Wigan are at home on Friday night against a Leigh side buoyed by a 24-16 win against St Helens.

“They’ll be hopeful, they got a big win last weekend and there’s a big rivalry there,” added Williams.