Wigan Warriors: Harry Smith says he is continually learning from the key figures around him

Harry Smith says he is learning a lot from some of the key figures at Wigan Warriors.

The 22-year-old has earned his place regular starter for the club throughout the course of the current campaign.

Smith states he’s determined to retain his place in the team by continually learning from those around.

He said: “I’m learning a lot from Lockers (Sean O’Loughlin) but especially Briersy (Lee Briers). We’ve had a lot of chats about what he wants from me and how I can get better.

Harry Smith

“That’s been going on since the start of the year and it’s been a massive help for me, along with Matty (Peet), who has known me since I was 14. It’s all been really good for me.

“It’s about making sure my involvements are good every time I touch the ball, and making sure I don’t waste plays.

“If I build my game and control the team, then stuff will come off the back of that.

“There’s also plenty of other voices and leaders in our team that really help us young lads. I’ve learnt a lot from Tommy (Leuluai), and he’s always in the chats with me and Lee.

“When I missed the first few games of the season, it gave me a hunger and desire to work harder to get in the team, taking my chance when I got it.

“I know we’ve got a lot of options in our spine, so I need to continue to perform when players start coming back from injury.”

Smith says he’s been enjoying taking the Challenge Cup around Wigan to a range of people in the local community.

“It’s been really good and is something we have really bought into as a group,” he added.

“The looks on the kids' faces when you go to the schools, and how much they want to touch the trophy, really puts a smile on your face.

“It’s good to get out in the community and add a bit of happiness to their day.

“I know when I was a young kid I didn’t get the chance to see a trophy, but I can imagine being over the moon back then to have the opportunity to play in Super League.

“It’s great to give back.”