Wigan Warriors: Matty Peet discusses Zak Hardaker's departure from the club

Wigan Warriors head coach Matty Peet has reflected on Zak Hardaker’s recent departure from the club and says he wishes him the best.

The centre was dropped from the squad for the games over the Easter period after “dipping” below the club’s expected standards away from the field.

On Friday morning the club announced that Hardaker would be departing with immediate effect.

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Peet said: “Firstly, I want to put on record, best wishes to Zak. There’s a genuine desire to see him thrive as a person. We know he can play rugby, but we just want to have a happy and content life. Whatever support he needs the club and the game is still there for him.

Matty Peet

“The lads have all been involved in our culture and wish him well as a friend.

“It’s difficult because there’s a level of care for Zak and there’s a want to see him come here and meet the standards, but we know what we need to do for the best of the club.

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“I know what culture we are trying to build, and to have standards you need to have accountability, whether that or people not remaining on the journey and that’s where it’s got to.

“It’s a consistent theme that we have standards and breaching what is expected.

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“That’s not what is expected by me, it’s the group and the club, and what we want to stand for. Zak has been part of the conversations, and for that reason it becomes an obvious decision, although not an easy one.

“It’s no good saying all the right things. You never get your culture perfect, it’s a live thing. Good things and bad things happen but what defines it is how you react to it.

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“There are two sides to it, doing what’s best for Zak as an individual and the care for the other individuals. We have to do the right thing for the majority.

“I don’t take it personal. I’m disappointed for Zak because he wanted to make it work here, but it wasn’t meant to be. There’s got to be accountability when people make similar mistakes, we have to see people learning from them.”