Wigan Warriors: Matty Peet praises the club's training session featuring all 11 teams

Matty Peet says he was “proud” of Wigan Warriors’ One Club training session.

Around 200 players from the club’s 11 teams attended Robin Park Arena on Monday night to take part in a range of activities.

Peet states he learnt a lot from the session and believes it was an important thing to host.

He said: “I can’t stress to you how proud I was and how proud we were as a club. When you get involved in sport, that’s one of the reasons you do it I guess.

Matty Peet says he is proud of Wigan's training session featuring the club's 11 teams


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“It’s all about bringing people together. The game against Toulouse had a community feel about it, and then Monday was a real celebration and the bringing together of so many people who do positive work for this club.

“It was Kris Radlinski’s idea, and it was imaginative to bring so many people together. It shows the vision he has for the club. The most important thing was everyone came with an open mind.

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“Hopefully they feel more connected to each other, and we need to do it more, growing and improving it.


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“The first team players were inspired by it, and hopefully the other teams were as well.

“I’m always learning. The coach of the wheelchair team was explaining some of the techniques they use.

“Kris Ratcliffe is an outstanding coach, it was fantastic to watch him. He is a school teacher and the way he gets his skill development across is excellent.

“We need to do more of that, sharing ideas as coaches all across the teams. It takes different skill sets to work with different groups, but a lot of the time you find the best technical coaches work with the athletes in different stages of their pathway.”