Wigan Warriors star reveals 'totally different' feeling

Zak Hardaker has revealed there's a 'totally different feel factor' at Warriors as they continue to prepare for the new campaign.
Zak HardakerZak Hardaker
Zak Hardaker

The Test back says he's been impressed by a number of little - but potentially significant - things that have been tweaked behind the scenes, which will hopefully help to restore the good times.

“Just being around the place and the feel factor is totally different from last year," he said.

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“It's just little things...I know it won't sound much but there’s new posters around, we've been buying protein, the gym has all been changed around, the changing rooms are different, there’s a list about what we’re having for food.

"We have everything we didn’t have last year and gone on top of that and timesed it by 10.

“As a professional rugby player, to see what the club’s going through to make it as professional as they can and make it enjoyable being here, makes you as a player want to be here to enjoy yourself and play as well as you can for the team and the club.

“It’s been brilliant."

Hardaker is also looking forward to being part of the new era under Matty Peet.

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“There was a lot of anticipation about who was going to be the new coach, what we were going to do next year and how many signings we were going to make," he added.

"I could see the fans getting a bit frustrated when it was taking a while to come out.

"Matty Peet has been here for a number of years so for him to be head coach it’s going to be a bit different but you know the person quite well so it’s not that difficult.”

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