Wane exit: How fans reacted

Shaun Wane will leave at the end of the season
Shaun Wane will leave at the end of the season

Shaun Wane was trending on Twitter today after his exit at the end of the season was confirmed.

Here is how some fans reacted...

@JemmaRichx: “Feeling very sad about the Shaun Wane news, gave us so much in the last 6 years; a Wiganer through and through and a genuinely nice guy. I hope we make his last season a good one; thanks for everything Waney.”

Sam Arnold(@exiledwiganwfan): “Feel shock and sadness that Shaun Wane will be leaving Wigan at the end of the season.”

@Gemma_L_Carter: “Morning news got me like(crying emoji). Shaun Wane fan club right here. Wigan will not be the same!”

Scott Elliott: “Gonna be hard to replace such an honest passionate coach as Waney, hope Wigan pull out all the stops to get the right man. Thanks for all you’ve achieved Shaun.”

Andrew Nutall: “One of the best coaches in Super League, got us to many finals and won us a few trophies. Best of luck in your new adventure Shaun, you’ll never be forgotten.”

Josie Andrews: “Best wishes Shaun and thank you for bringing so much success over the years. I will truly miss you.”

@r0bbo_: “Legend. Has secured our future with the talent he’s brought through whilst winning trophies and installing a winning culture with our lads. Going to miss him tremendously.”

Paul Holden: “Devastated!! You may be able to take Shaun Wane out of Wigan, but nobody could ever take the Wigan out of Shaun Wane. Best of luck Mr Wigan.”

@Dazza2311: “As a Wigan Warriors fan who missed the days of our dominance pre SL, I appreciate our success this last decade more than some others. Shaun Wane is the main reason for that. Assistant under Madge n head coach since then. What he’s achieved is special, so thank you Waney!”

@WxmRob: “Thank you for everything Shaun. Sad to see you leave but you’ve done everything there is to do at Wigan. After 7 years, 2 titles, a Shield, a Cup, and World Championship it’s been a great journey. Let’s add to those before you go. Thank you and good luck.”

Warrington Wolves fan @Gaz_E: “I’m glad to see Shaun Wane is going to leave Wigan on his terms. Along with McDermott, he is this decades’ outstanding Super League coach. Constantly evolved a Wigan side, brought a huge amount of homegrown talent through whilst keeping his side competitive.”

Andy Bibby: “The greatest compliment anyone has ever paid Shaun is the Wire and Saints fans...we have the tribal hate, not because of the man but because he is a winner. There aren’t many coaches who will ever do that to us. If only he was born Wire. Well done and good venture Shaun Wane.”

@Dan1876(Warrington Wolves fan): “Always felt that Shaun Wane has never really been given the respect which he deserves as a coach. But will be interesting to see how he gets on outside of his comfort zone.”

Christopher Thomas(@CTSportsBetting): “Shaun Wane helped produce a phenomenal team with a ton of local talent. Solidified the foundations Michael McGuire had laid and built a team in his own image. Big next appointment for Wigan. Wish him well at the pie-eaters retirement castle in the South of France.”

@JohnMUFC20: “You have to admire Shaun Wane’s coaching and management policies he has used at Wigan over the years. Countless players have come through the ranks, most of them of the highest standards, and he’s won trophies. Can’t fault the bloke, wish we had him at Salford.”