Why ex-Wigan Warriors prop Ryan Sutton doesn't expect to return to Super League

Ryan Sutton has extended his deal in Canberra and said he plans to finish his career in the NRL.
Ryan Sutton has established himself in the NRLRyan Sutton has established himself in the NRL
Ryan Sutton has established himself in the NRL

As forecast earlier this week, the ex-Warriors prop has extended his contract to 2022.

And though he would only be 27 when that deal expires he can not see himself returning to Super League.

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He said: “It’s my goal now to keep getting better and better each year of this contract and hopefully establishing myself as an NRL player for the rest of my career.”

He says a visit from his family earlier this year helped put his mind at ease about extending.

"When they came over to see what Canberra was like as a town and what the club was like you want your parent's approval for most things," he said.

"When they saw what a good place it was and how well the club treated me it took a big weight off my shoulder and made me realise it's a good place to stay."

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Sutton has played 21 games since moving Down Under alongside team-mate John Bateman.

If you said this to me [I'd re-sign] at the start of the year I wouldn't have believed you," Sutton said.

"It's been a bit of a learning curve this year, it's been pretty tough, but I feel like I've got my foot in the door a bit.

"I expected to only play a few games, nowhere near as many as I have but I'm happy the coaching staff have had the confidence to play me as much as they have."