Wigan Warriors reclaim two competition points - how social media reacted

Here is some of the social media reaction to the verdict of Wigan Warriors’ point deduction appeal...

Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 1:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 2:07 pm
Ian Lenagan

Anne Hayton: “Great news! Justice has been done.”

Karen Picton: “Great news, let’s hope it gives us a boost now, let’s crack on and get a win on Friday.”

@paulfinchauthor: “Personally, I think the original deduction was a farce, imposed for very dubious reasons. I'm certain it did its bit to knock Wigan off-kilter; a little, so the RFL won't be totally unhappy with the way this has gone. At least it's over now, but they are still a total joke.”

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@Rhinoman12345: “So Lenagan is now given the ok to break the salary cap! I don't care if its by a pound or half a million, they broke the rules, AGAIN! They are persistent offenders but hey, its Lenagan so its ok! #shameonyou.”

@Gary_Fev: “A victory for common sense...!”

@jonnycarr7: “Why bother taking the points from them in first place?! Points deduction for something such as this should not be allowed an appeal. What a joke.”

@kyzatoonfan4: “What a joke you break the rules you should be punished end of and not the first time they have broken the salary cap.”

@DannyOwens_81: “Now there’s a surprise. No wonder I don’t watch rugby anymore.”

@StephenRushton2: “May as well scrap the cap and let everyone spend what they want if it's not going to be enforced.”

@RobCromwell: “So it seems that cheats do indeed prosper.Throughout Superleague one club has always pushed the rules on and off the pitch to the absolute limit - Wigan Warriors. This is the third time they've breached the cap and the punishment should reflect that.”

@wiganrlfans: “No surprise the appeal got the points back. Being punished points for a minor breach because of dire errors made by previous ownership over 10 years ago wasn't right. The points should have been suspended from the start.”

@thenglishgiant: “RFL is just as corrupt as EFL. Absolutely ridiculous.”

@MichaelHannon78: “Seems a proportionate response this time. Won’t stop a lot of people being drama queens about it though.”

@djpugsleeds: “And Wigan wonder why they are hated. One rule for them, one for everyone else. The RFL have always been the same.”

Ste Yeti: “About time someone gave them points, they’ve been giving them away every wk!”