Dan Sartain - Century Plaza: A dramatic shift in style and recording process

Dan Sartain: Century PlazaDan Sartain: Century Plaza
Dan Sartain: Century Plaza
The cult singer, best known for his early garage rock material, has taken to an iPad to record his latest album and the result is a brooding synth pop success.

In a significant departure, only one guitar line features on the entire album - an epic Eighties-style solo on the pulsing cover of his own Walk Among The Cobras, which opens the record in promising fashion.

Elsewhere the tablet-produced sound recalls Chromatics and Iggy Pop’s electronic material such as Nightclubbing.

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When it clicks, like on the hooky single First Bloods, it really works and at just 33 minutes the listener is left wanting more.

Kudos to Sartain for such a dramatic shift in style and recording process.

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