IN PICTURES: Buskers' Bash at Haigh Woodland Park

A host of instrumentalists, singers, poets and children’s entertainers performed throughout the day at the inaugural Buskers’ Bash hosted at Haigh Woodland Park.

Each participant was paid the required Musicians’ Union hourly rate in a commitment to supporting artistic talent from across the North West, and they were also able to pocket their takings.

The event was sponsored by Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls, whose co-director John Winnard said: “To our knowledge there has never been a festival like this in the North West before.

"Haigh Hall was very busy and the audiences responded well to the performers.

"I don’t think it will be long before we try something like this again.”

The performers were dotted around various parts of the woodland park including the walled gardens, kitchen coourtyard and the miniature railway.

It certainly helped that the weather was lovely for everyone too.

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