Lottery Winners to play drive-in gig at stadium

Lottery WinnersLottery Winners
Lottery Winners
The acclaimed group will bring their fans the thrill of live music despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The band, from Leigh, will perform a unique outdoor concert at the University of Bolton Stadium at the end of this month for hundreds of music enthusiasts.

Instead of packing into a concert venue, though, gig-goers will drive their cars into a marked-out zone within which they will stay to comply with social distancing requirements.

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The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing arts and entertainment organisations to get creative, with the Lottery Winners’ gig one of a string of similar dates involving big names from the industry taking place across the country and drive-in cinema screenings being held as well.

The band has had a busy lockdown schedule, including regularly streaming shows online and writing new songs, but is looking forward to being back on stage.

Frontman Thom Rylance said: “We would have been opening the main stage of Kendal Calling that night but instead we will be doing our first headline stadium gig. I’m just glad to be playing live again.

“I’m not sure what it’s going to be like looking out and playing to 300 cars, but I’m looking forward to it.

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“It’s going to be like no gig we’ve ever done before. It’s unique, a one-off. It’s also a time stamp which we will be able to look back on and remember what was going on in the world.

“Everyone gets their own designated square on the floor and enjoys the gig from there.”

The drive-in gig on July 30 promises to be a real spectacle with a full festival stage set-up promised.

Some of the biggest names in UK music, including The Streets and The Kaiser Chiefs, are also taking part in the series of drive-in concerts across Britain this summer.

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The Lottery Winners have been making the most of the lockdown situation, putting together an album of cover songs and also penning a large amount of new material.

The band is also about to head into the studio to begin creating a new album.

Thom said: “We had a choice: to stop or to go harder. I’ve been getting up early every day, making sure we had content for the shows and songs to record and writing. It has been a very productive time.”

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