Radiation City - Synesthetica: Tuneful and creative little indie ditties

Although it's a mild winter, if you're still finding it hard to bear, this slice of cheery indie-rock - with some of the catchiest choruses you'll hear - will certainly lighten your mood and get you thinking of sunnier times.

Cliched as that may sound, Portland band Radiation City conjure up the image of past summer days that seemingly lasted forever.

The perhaps ironically named Futures captures this perfectly, sounding like a forgotten pop hit from the 1970s.

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And if that’s your thing, the opener Oil Show is so incredibly danceable, bouncy and joyous it’s almost impossible not to lose your inhibitions and throw yourself around.

Maybe not on the bus though.

Occasionally, I found myself wanting to skip a track (Separate, in particular, is quite dull) and at around 38 minutes overall, it teases the potential for something far greater, but that doesn’t detract from the overall feeling gleaned from Synesthetica.

This American five-piece seem to have stumbled on a fine formula for crafting tuneful and creative little indie ditties.