Wigan band The Lathums continue to shine

A rising Wigan band are going from strength to strength following an incredible summer of success.
The LathumsThe Lathums
The Lathums

The Lathums, who formed around a year and a half ago, have had a string of triumphs over the past few months selling out gig after gig and most recently filling Gorilla at Manchester where they played with Manchester indie band Dirty Laces.

The young foursome, Alex Moore, Scott Contepcion, Ryan Durrans and Jonny Cunliffe, had the summer of a lifetime which started with them being invited to play at Kendal Calling by none other than The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess.

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Just weeks after dropping a video of their single The Great Escape on the internet, the boys - who are all in their late teens - were catapulted into the limelight when Burgess contacted them via Twitter to ask if they would grace the stage.

Speaking at the time, Burgess told the Observer that The Great Escape was stuck in his head after a friend played it to them.

“They sounded like talented kids so I tweeted to see if they wanted to come to play at Kendal Calling,” he said.

Since then, the Pemberton “Music Projects” students have had some fantastic opportunities, including playing the Bingley weekender festival headlined by Ocean Colour Scene, Doves and James.

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On top of this they have been plugged by Burgess for a second, who recently Tweeted saying: “These kids are doing well. They’re called The Lathums. They played at Tim Peaks a couple of weeks ago. Lend them your ears.”

All of the positive publicity has worked in the bands favour, seeing them sell out of merchandise within just days and CDs within minutes.

Most recently, the lads posted to Facebook to let fans know they had been back in the studio and had been using a space lent to them by none other than The Coral, a popular Liverpool band who have had top hits with song such as “Dreaming of you” and “In the morning”.

Harking back to their first interview with the Wigan Observer, it seems that the band have ticked off many of their aspirations in a short space of time.

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Frontman Alex, back in November 2018 said: “In terms of the future we are aiming to play wherever we can. If we can get a tour going around the UK that would be great then we can move on to places across Europe.

“Music is the only thing we all want to do, to play, and go around performing our music.”

Just last week The Lathums took to the stage at Jimmys club in Liverpool to support Autopilot, bassist of successful indie band The Enemy.

For more information about upcoming gigs visit www.facebook.com/thelathums