Don't freeze under pressure - become a champion instead

Our fitness expert, The Colonel, gives his top tips for training like an Olympian...
Pyeongchang has delivered temperatures as low as -25 degrees celsiusPyeongchang has delivered temperatures as low as -25 degrees celsius
Pyeongchang has delivered temperatures as low as -25 degrees celsius

With the Winter Olympics well under way, we thought we’d bring you up to speed on how to train just like the stars of the Games.

In freezing conditions, they stay cool under pressure, can you? After that dry January that you definitely stuck to, let us help you push yourself to even a fraction of the limits that they do with these top tips…

Go the distance

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The muscles of Winter Olympians not only need to be strong, but they often need bags of endurance. If you find lactic acid ending your workout early, try doing light weights with a high repetition count. You’ll want to do this until you feel the burn – then keep going for another five minutes! The more you do this, the longer you’ll last so get pumping. A good workout isn’t always about lifting the heaviest weights, so make sure you find your groove from the outset and concentrate instead on honing that all important technique.

The sixth sense

The mountain can throw all sorts at you. To be able to react quickly, your proprioception needs to be honed to perfection. Try balancing on one leg on a small exercise ball. Once you and your mates have mastered that, try throwing a ball to each other whilst you do it. Next time you’re out on that lonely night time run, that oblivious kid on a scooter will no longer be a problem as your agility takes you gracefully past. By working on your proprioception, not only will you be more efficient, but you should also reduce your chances of getting injured due to bad technique.

Head in the game

Remember going out in the rain and being forced to play sport? Don’t we all. Well, Pyeongchang has delivered temperatures as low as -25 degrees celsius and not even one of the athletes has pulled a sicky. How do they do it? Grit, determination and discipline. How much do you want that idyllic body? Take a leaf out of their book and find your niche to keep your motivation and mind in the game. Whether it’s trying out that new yoga class, working out with friends keeps things exciting and we have confidence you’ll give in to temptation.

With a happy mind and your eyes on the prize, you can be an Olympic champion everyday too!