New wave of sound for Wigan band Lynchs on debut EP

A Wigan band is going back to the future by bringing a fresh twist to older sounds on its debut EP.

Four-piece Lynchs, who have been playing their particular brand of New Wave music on the town’s scene for a couple of years, hope to make a statement with the four tracks on The City.

Other music news: Royal approval for Wigan singer GeorgiaThe group, which comprises singer and guitarist Breb Lynch, guitarist Tam Lynch, bassist Harry Gaskell and drummer Matthew Vose, blends razor sharp guitar melodies with dark, disco-influenced beats.

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Brothers Tam and Breb, who are from Orrell, initially put the band together a few years back but then had a break for studying before hitting the scene once more about 18 months ago.

Breb says the musicians had no difficulty hitting on a style as they initially met at Wigan venues and became friends chatting about their musical tastes which were similar.

He said: “We all like post-punk bands like Interpol and we also like Northern Soul.

“We’re quite into electronic music so our tastes are quite varied.

“Lynchs, I would say, is post-punk and New Wave really.

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“The EP is a collection of our year and a half so far and our progression.

“We started by writing about 10 songs and have whittled it down to these four.”

The group headed into John Kettle’s studio at The Music Projects in Pemberton to record The City and are delighted with the results.

Breb said: “One of the songs we just wrote in the studio, it was quite spontaneous.

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“We had this basic idea and just ran with it. We are really happy with it.

“There’s also one of the first tracks we ever recorded, called Waxwing, on there.

“The songs are mainly about living in a city in 2018.

“Sometimes you think it’s the best place in the world and then sometimes you hate it.

“The last track is called Think Responsibly and that’s about not being brainwashed, about deciding what is right and wrong for yourself.”

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Lynchs will unveil the EP at Aatma in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on October 27 and are promising a spectacular visual show to complement the music.

Previous highlights from the group’s live outings include a support slot with LIINES, appearing on a bill with Maddy Storm and performing at the Dot to Dot Festival in Manchester.

For more information visit band or search for them on Twitter.