Wigan pub to host retro games night

Gamers can take a trip down memory lane and put their playing skills to the test as a Wigan pub hosts a night dedicated to a retro favourite.
From left, Matty Andrews, Rob MacDonald and Phil MitchellFrom left, Matty Andrews, Rob MacDonald and Phil Mitchell
From left, Matty Andrews, Rob MacDonald and Phil Mitchell

The Tudor in the town centre is hosting a Street Fighter II tournament being put together by Wigan-based organisation Replay.

Phil Matthews and Matty Andrews, who run the retro events promotion, staged a Sensible Soccer competition to tie in with last year’s football World Cup which proved extremely popular.

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For their next event, taking place this week, they are returning to the old-style arcades to celebrate a combat game which regularly comes near the top of enthusiasts’ favourites lists.

Phil, 30, said: “We’re doing a Street Fighter II tournament. This is an iconic game because it was way ahead of its time.

“It brought all these mystical things from around the world together into a fighting game. It was the one game you would rush to in the arcade.

“If you were good at this game you were respected, and it’s hard too so it’s an achievement to be good at it. Everyone had their mate who they would big up and say was really good at it, so we’re going to get all those people together and settle who’s best once and for all.

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“We did Sensible Soccer last year and it was a really good night, people came in football kits and everything. It starts off quite quiet and a bit awkward but after a few pints there was a really good football atmosphere with a lot invested in it.”

Phil, from Ashton, and Replay co-founder Matty are gaming enthusiasts themselves and came up with the idea of bringing games and pubs together for events as that is where computer enthusiasts of their generation now like to relax and spend their spare time.

He says the duo also have a host of ideas up their sleeve for future events at watering holes in Wigan, with the Street Fighter II event marking their debut at the popular New Market Street haven for all things alternative.

Phil said: “We’ve always wanted something like this to exist and it didn’t so we thought we would do it ourselves.

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“The Tudor is our second home so we’re really excited about hosting an event there. They are all about alternative nights and they were exactly on the same page as us when we spoke to them about it.

“We’ve got lots of ideas for events but we want to do things that will keep people on their toes.”

The Street Fighter 2 tournament is at The Tudor on Friday June 14. Entry is free and there will be a mystery prize.

Players can register from 7pm with the competition beginning at 7.30pm.

For more information search for The Tudor - Street Fighter II - Tournament on Facebook.

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