Beauty: Here is how to make your eyes stand out

Eye makeupEye makeup
Eye makeup
Makeup Doctor Rita Parmar offers tips on creating defined eyes

You’ve tried to do your eyes so many times and each time they just look… average, you never really feel like they look defined and blended. I’m going to share the secrets to making these eyes pop.

Three things that stop eyeshadow looking how you want

1. Rub and Sweep: Stop right there, did you know that patting colour onto the eyelid transfers the colour? Rubbing or sweeping it on makes it more transparent, therefore the colour doesn’t show up as well.

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Change your technique to pressing the tip of your brush into your eyeshadow and then patting the tip of the bristles onto the eyelid with the colour this will allow for the colour to transfer.

Be sure to use a brush small enough for the area and that has bristles packed tight and not fluffy.

2. Just use the blending brush to buff the colour in: Only if you want to remove most of the colour you’ve just applied!

The blending brush (the fluffy one with slightly longer fibres) is designed for blending.

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Try to keep this brush clean at all stages of your eyeshadow application.

When you have placed your eyeshadow onto the eyelid then you can use the tip of your blending brush to soften the harsh line of colour.

Place the tip partially on the eyeshadow on the eyelid and partially on the skin and sweep backwards and forwards along the socket line (or slightly higher).

After a few stokes clean the brush by wiggling it into a tissue until the brush looks clean.

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If this brush isn’t clean your eyeshadow will just blend into the entire eye area leaving no definition and it all looking a little murky.

3. Once the eyeshadow is on add mascara and you’re done: But eyes would open and appear more balanced if you frame underneath too!

People often think that adding shadow under the bottom lash line closes eyes, but actually, it’s quite the opposite…

Sweep a very narrow brush with a darkish colour under the bottom lash line as this will separate the eyes from the rest of the face.

You wouldn’t but a three-sided picture frame would you? so this will frame the eyes.

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