Better mobile coverage as phone operator turns on 5G network in Wigan

A mobile phone operator has switched on its 5G network in two more parts of the borough.

The Vodafone 5G network is now available for residents and businesses in more areas of Wigan (town centre and parts of the WN1, WN2, WN5 and WN6 areas) and Golborne, offering faster mobile data and more reliable mobile coverage.

It means customers with a 5G plan and device can stay connected more reliably while browsing in the Grand Arcade shopping centre or find a shady spot at Mesnes Park to download the latest movie faster than before.

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Vodafone has switched on its 5G network in Wigan and Golborne

Vodafone 5G will also benefit people working away from the office, as opening large documents becomes faster and participating in video conference calls can take place without disruption, and manufacturing businesses can become smart wireless factories using the 5G network.

The Vodafone network modernisation programme aims to improve 4G and 5G access for all customers, with its 3G network being retired in 2023 and strengthened 4G and 5G services offered instead.

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As part of the changes, a new pricing structure has been introduced for people buying mobile phones.

Andrea Dona, chief network officer for Vodafone UK, said: “The arrival of 5G gives our customers some of the fastest mobile data speeds in the UK and a mobile network they can rely on. It will open up all sorts of possibilities for our consumer customers, as well as local businesses and their employees, supporting the local economy and helping to deliver a greener, more prosperous and digitally connected region. We’re investing in our network across Greater Manchester and look forward to seeing how that investment will benefit local people and businesses.”