Aldi prepare to celebrate 'Junemas' - Christmas round two on June 25

Mince pies and turkey are making a summer comeback, as Aldi prepare to give us the Christmas we missed in 2020.

The supermarket announced the special event on its Facebook page today, and said "Let's be honest, last Christmas didn't have our hearts, and sleigh bells weren't ringing like they usually do.

"So we think it's time for round two. A proper Christmas where you can hug your nan, get the whole family together and go to town with all the trimmings.

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"Just one thing. It's in June.

"Mark your calendars for June 25th, look out for some surprises instore, and be NICE."

As yet, there has been no mention of Kevin the Carrot.

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The post on Facebook has been shared nearly 3,000 times, and comments included Lisa Maria Broughton who said "O love this! Think of all those that were alone, all those having to work extra, self isolate or our grandparents in homes not being able to go to family for Christmas! Lovely idea"

But not everyone was up for getting back in the loft to find the tree and tinsel.

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Aldi is bringing us Christmas in June

Kathryn Cross said "Oh no. One Christmas a year is horrendous enough. Did Aldi not make enough profit during lockdown".

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But judging by most of the comments, Aldi look like they're on to a winner.

Will you be joining in?

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