Firm denies plan to turn popular Wigan pub into a shop as rumours grow

A pub firm has denied there are plans to convert a Wigan local into a convenience store amid growing rumours.
The Cherry GardensThe Cherry Gardens
The Cherry Gardens

The Cherry Gardens Hotel dates back to around the 19th century and talk in the town is that a planning application has been made to turn it into a mini market.

Rumours have surfaced just two years after similar proposals to turn a garden called The Cherries Community Garden, into a supermarket, were knocked back by planners.

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But Hawthorn Leisure, who operate the pub, quashed the rumours and said there are no plans for such a premises.

Instead, they said that the pub is due to undergo a full refurbishment in June.

A spokesman said: “We’re happy to reassure the community that we have no plans to convert Cherry Gardens Hotel into a convenience store.

“The pub is due to undergo a full refurbishment this June, and we encourage locals to come and enjoy this thriving community hub.”

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Councillor Lawrence Hunt, who represents Wigan Central on Wigan Council, said it didn’t mean there wouldn’t be plans for the future.

He said that any plans for the pub would face similar opposition to the garden, with him saying that there were already enough convenience stores in the area and that traffic would be an issue.

He said: “It’s welcome that there are no plans to convert the pub into a convenience store, but this is just for now.

“There is a lot of talk in the community about this and that a planning application has been made.

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“So I hope this can reassure residents as there would be a lot of opposition to this like there was with the previous plans for the gardens.

“There is no need for another convenience store as there are enough of them in the area. I’d also be concerned about traffic and parking.”

The Cherries Community Garden next to the pub has been cleaned up and is being used again by the community, holding many events in the area.

The land is in a conservation area and is a green open space with protection orders on the trees.

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There is also a covenant on the land which states it is to be used as a garden for the people of Wigan and that it cannot be built upon.

A spokesman for residents’ group The Friends of The Cherries Community Garden, welcomed news that the pub would not be turned into a store.

They said: “This is very welcome news and good to know.”